Autonomous work

My autonomous work consists mainly of a series with a connected theme. After researching natural shapes, the first designs for jewellery or objects developed on paper. The study of material and experimentation plays a big role in my designs.

2004 ROUGE

The theme ‘Rouge’ is based on red autumn leaves which I have plastified. In this series I created four different pieces of jewellery and one object. The silver/gold hatpin, in the shape of a tree branch, has a background of tree leaves painted red. The silver/gold necklace with tree branches painted red can be worn as one or each independently. The silver bracelet with red painted leaves has the shape of a twig. For an oil-glass vase I designed an ornament made of silver leaves. This series was included in the exhibition in the Smallingerland Museum in Drachten in 2004, together with work by the Frysian Guild members. A hat and jewellery show was presented in co-operation with Gon Hoogvliet three times during the opening of the exhibition.


In December 2004 a review exhibition was held of the last ten years of my work at the Gallery De Valk in Harlingen. A few hats were also exhibited here by Anneke Tepper from Harlingen. Hat and jewellery shows were held during the first opening days. Afterwards there was a ‘high tea’ for those invited.


This series is made as a result of the film ‘Impression’ by Wim Bors. 22 stills (bits of film that are photographed) form the background for the set of silver brooches. Together they tell the story of the journey between Calais and le Treport in northwestern France. The brooches can be worn with or without the ‘still’.

Wim Bors based his historically tainted road trip on the diaries ‘Belgium’ by the French author Victor Hugo. In letters written to his wife, Hugo relays his journey along the coast of Belgium and northern France. Wim Bors followed the route that Hugo took, so that he could discover if there were still any points of recognition in the landscape.


I made several pieces of jewellery and objects based on the theme ‘face profiles and the position of hands’. The series consists of 20 pieces of jewellery and objects. It contains, among other things, a silver piece of jewellery commemorating birth. The position of the hands on a pregnant belly formed the basis for this. But also a silver object in the shape of a small vase with hands that throw a small gold ball into the air. A necklace consisting of silver links and with the profile of a face completes the series.


A piece of wood turned to stone from the Wadden Sea was the starting point for this series. A piece of wood was sawn into nine thin slices that can be attached to the silver brooches in the shape of a leaf of a tree. Each brooch has its own individual design in relation to the piece of wood turned to stone and different seaweeds.

1996 WATER

The theme ‘Water’ forms the base for a series of silver brooches, rings and necklaces. The fish shape is reminiscent of a drop of water, but it also makes you think of a piece of seaweed. The pieces of jewellery all have the same composition. It seems as if they have not been devised by me but shaped by the action of the water.

Apart from the organic shape, the geometrics also play their part, for instance in brooches in the shape of a plank, with chamfered corners. A simple contrast dominates throughout, namely in the combination of silver and perspex. Small wavy lines of blue pigment interrupt the smooth silver surface. The lineal character of the charming shapes of the pieces of jewellery. They resemble drawings or cartoons, floating away from the paper. Light in weight, literally and figuratively, they ask for your immediate attention. They are pieces of jewellery sharing a wink, like having a dig at you.



1 serie ROUGE 2003
hatpin silver / gold

2 serie ROUGE 2003
armbrooch silver

3 serie IMPRESSION 2002
still brooch silver

4 serie IMPRESSION 2002
still brooch silver

7 serie HANDS AND FACES 1998
childbirth jewellery silver

5 serie WADDEN 1996
brooch silver / wood

8 serie WATER 1996
stavenbrooch silver