Project 2008 "Twee vlaggen, één code"


Silver is the element which appeals to me very much. Mostly I combine the jewels or objects with other elements such as gold, precious stones, pigments or wood. The series ‘Silver in Bloom’ consists of nine pieces of jewellery which together form a whole but each piece also tells its own story.

The starting point for this series begins with nine photographs of flowers. For each photograph I have designed a silver brooch combined with gold, copper and precious stones. The nine brooches have all been designed by me as a result of my love for nature and portray, for instance, petals, night moths and a caddis-fly.

All jewels have been made in my own studio.

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The chanson ‘De toutes les couleurs’ by the French singer Leo Ferré forms the basis for this series of new jewellery. 5 different colours are recounted in this chanson, namely: green, blue, yellow, red and black.

For each colour depicted in a couplet I have made two pieces of jewellery in that particular colour, resulting in 5x two pieces of jewellery. Silver and gold form the basis for the brooches. For the colour GREEN I have used the stones jasper, turquoise and jade; for the colour BLUE I have used the aquamarine-coloured spinel; for the colour YELLOW I have used citrine and smoky quartz; for the colour RED I have used ruby and moss agate, and for the colour BLACK I have used onyx.

This series consists of necklaces, rings, earrings, a brooch and a little box. All have been made in my own studio.

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