Project 2006 serie DES PIERRES

Lucie de Blécourt has this summer produced a new arrangement of jewellery
for the Gallery de Valk in Harlingen - 30 June till 27 August 2006.

Each piece is specially selected to demonstrate the contrast of materials

A bracelet in the shape of a wrist band of open work matt silver is decorated with a large malachite. The matching brooch of open work matt silver is also inset with a malachite.

Six different necklaces made from several materials each embody a pendant. 
The necklace made of glass beads and silver has a pendant made of copper/silver in combination with rutilequartz and amber.

Another necklace made of violet glass beads has a silver pendant set with amethyst and hematite.

The third necklace is made from old silver with a large pendant enclosed in silver tree leaves and amber.

Finally there is a necklace made from shells with a pendant of fossilised coral and two necklaces made of stone beads from Bali, both with a large pendant of fossilised coral.

A bracelet made of bone is decorated with a silver/gold ornament set with a lapis lazuli.