Project 2005

In May 2005 the presentation of the emancipation prize ‘it roze pompebled’ will take place by the Anna Blamanhuis in Leeuwarden.
In June 2005 two series of jewellery will be presented by the Museum Smallingerland in Drachten which relate to Wim Bors’ work. Bors shows his visions drawing paralells between the ‘Wadden’ area and the North coast of France in the form of films, photographs and slides. The brooches ‘Impresssion’ (silver/still) as a result of the video bearing the same name translate the French coastline. The series ‘Waddenzee’ (silver/fossilised wood) relate to the ‘Wadden’ area.
From 5th August to 11th September 2005 there will be an exhibition of silver jewellery and objects in Gallery De Valk in Harlingen by all members and three old-members of the Guild of Frisian Gold and Silversmiths about the theme “Square”.
From 24th September to 23rd October the same exhibition "Square" by all Guild members and three old-members at Gallery 45, West-dorpse, Z-Vl., together with paintings by Eddy Sikma from Leeuwarden and creamic works by Jan Dekker from Dokkum.